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Welcome to our Shemale Snap Sex guide to becoming a real shemale sexting expert! Check out our shemale articles written by true sexting pros and get some great tips on how to stay safe, find hot shemale Snapchat usernames, enjoy shemale sexting even more and have the best shemale Snap sex of your life!

10 Shemale Sexting Tips for Guys

Everybody’s sexting! OK, maybe not everybody, but a lot of people, especially you, my dear shemale lovers. It’s not easy to find a shemale at work or in a bar, since it’s not highly recommendable to approach a girl and ask her about her genitalia. That’s why shemale admirers find partners on forums like Shemale […]


The Ultimate Guide To Sexting With Shemales

You’ve never sexted a shemale before, but you’re dying to try it? No worries, you’ve come to the right place. Those of you who have done it before, don’t be arrogant and give yourself the opportunity to improve. There’s always something you can learn and become even better. All of you, newbies, find your partner first. […]


Tips for Sexting a Shemale

Want to be a shemale sexting expert? Here are some ground rules that will take you to the stars.


How To Stay Safe Sending NSFW Photos And Videos

Your shemale sexting adventure with that hotty from Shemale Kik is getting really steamy and you’re thinking about some nudes, but how do you keep them away from sneaky eyes of others? We won’t lie to you, the first rule when you don’t want something to be revealed is – don’t do it. But, we […]


Does Sexting With A Shemale Make Me Gay?

Found a sexy shemale on Snapchat and that led you to best sexting you’ve ever had and now you’re worried about being gay. Are you really? Read and it’ll be much clearer.