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The Ultimate Guide To Sexting With Shemales

You’ve never sexted a shemale before, but you’re dying to try it? No worries, you’ve come to the right place. Those of you who have done it before, don’t be arrogant and give yourself the opportunity to improve. There’s always something you can learn and become even better.

Shemale SextingAll of you, newbies, find your partner first. Try searching through some forums like Shemale Kik or Shemale Snapchat. Those are great places to find people who think like you and you won’t be in danger of being misunderstood. It’s not so easy for a shemale to find partners in every day circumstances, and the part of explaining someone that you’re a shemale usually isn’t very pleasant. That’s why they choose to find sex partners online and it’s the safest to do it on a forum. So, don’t waste your time and join some of the forums or browse through Shemale Snapchat Names for instance.

When the first step is done and you’ve got your shemale sexter, it’s time to get to the main point. Pay attention to these simple rules and you’ll be on your way of becoming a sextpert.

  • Give her a chance to take her time. Don’t push it and don’t rush it. Give subtle game an opportunity to take you to the places she’s never taken anyone to before. She’s a lady and she should be treated like one. Make a flirty, but not a pushy start. Let her lead you and tell you what she’d like to do and how far she wants to go. Once she feels she can trust you, the hot world of sexting with a shemale is yours.
  • Before you get to trading nudes and sexy videos, do your best to make her scream just reading your sexts. Shemale sextingPay compliments, tell her how hot she is and how great she looks. It’s also very good to let her know how she makes you feel. No matter she’s got a penis, she’s still a woman, and women like when they have impact on a guy. She’ll enjoy hearing that she turns you on and that you’re aroused every time she sends you anything, even it’s only a “hello”.
  • Hold your horses! Don’t blind her with a dick pic from the very first sext. She’ll probably want to see it, but be sure that she’ll let you know when. Your little buddy (even if it’s a really big one) isn’t the highlight of sexting, so don’t put it in a first row from the beginning of the game.
  • When you get to the nudes, be careful what you’re trading. You met this girl on Shemale Kik and you don’t know her really, so it would be better to keep your face out of the photos. You never know where your nude selfie could end up, so make sure your privacy is safe.
  • And keep it real. Don’t say you’re ripped if your chubby belly is covering your abs. You’ll get to pics once and she’ll be very disappointed. Not because you’re chubby, but because you were lying.

These are the basics, use them wisely. Explore that Shemale Kik now and find yourself a perfect sexting shemale match!